Network Card Drivers

Gigabit PCI Ethernet Card

ISA Ethernet Card

PCI Ethernet Card

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Other Driver & Utilities

Note: Please avoid upgrading firmware if your hardware is working correctly.  Interrupting the upgrade process can damage the device.  If it is a ".zip" or ".exe" file, please extract the file before installation.


Router Firmwares


  • MU-5000FS Firmware v1.20, 2005/4/29 (After firmware upgrade, please press reset button until the LAN LED goes off to factory reset the device)


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GPL Codes (OvisLink warranty does not cover damage caused by attempts to modify the hardware or software)

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Manuals (zipped PDF files, please email for manuals not listed here)

Gigabit Switches

10/100Mbps Switches & Hubs

Network Cards

Multimedia Router & Samba

VoIP User's Guide

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